Toback was married to Consuelo Sarah Churchill Vanderbilt Russell,[8] the granddaughter of John Spencer-Churchill, 10th Duke of Marlborough, from 1968 until their divorce.[when?] He is currently married to Stephanie Kempf, with whom he has one son.[citation needed]
Toback has developed a reputation as a sexual predator. An exposé in a 1989 issue of Spy magazine, "The Pickup Artist's Guide to Picking Up Women," detailed how Toback would "hang out on the streets of the Upper West Side in New York City, and approach women. According to the story, he would in rapid-fire fashion tell them that he was a Hollywood director and offer to show them his Directors Guild of America card. The pitch invariably ended up with an invite to meet privately—sometimes at an outlandishly late hour—to talk about appearing in one of his films."[9] Articles describing Toback as a pick-up artist have also appeared on Gawker.[10][11][12] On October 22, 2017, the Los Angeles Times reported that 38 women have accused Toback of sexual harassment or assault.[13]







カンチョクトが当選確実 土屋正忠氏@日本野鳥の会理事は敗退

2017.10.22 23:48更新
菅直人元首相が当選確実 東京18区、自民の土屋正忠氏を破る



立民躍進で菅元首相に「副議長」説急浮上 屋山太郎氏激怒「とんでもないことだ」
2017年10月20日 17時6分



旧次世代の党こと日本のこころ 政党要件失う 得票率が2%に届かず


2017/10/22 22:53



日本のこころ(にっぽんのこころ、英語: The Party for Japanese Kokoro)は、日本政党総務省届出略称は日本[7]、報道などでは「こころ」「日ころ」「日こ」を用いる場合が多い。
日本維新の会2014年(平成26年)6月22日に分党を決定し、7月31日に解党したことを受け、当時同党の共同代表を務めていた石原慎太郎支持派のグループ(石原グループ)によって8月1日、次世代の党(じせだいのとう、英語: The Party for Future Generations、略称は「次世代」、1字表記の際は「次」と表記)として結党された[注 1]2015年(平成27年)12月21日、日本のこころを大切にする党(にっぽんのこころをたいせつにするとう)に党名を変更[7]2017年(平成29年)2月7日、党名を日本のこころに変更した[8]


2017.10.21 19:43更新










Instead Of Risking Nuclear War, U.S. Should Let South Korea Take Over Its Own Defense Policymakers should reconsider Washington’s current strategy, which needlessly risks the lives, wealth and security of Americans.10/20/2017 07:16 am ET Updated 1 hour ago

Maintaining the unnecessary “mutual” defense treaty with the ROK is what makes America a potential North Korean nuclear target. Without the Cold War context, South Korea no longer matters significantly to U.S. security. A renewed Korean conflict would be a humanitarian tragedy and highly disruptive to Asia, but neither of those problems warrant either triggering a conflagration on the peninsula or making America’s homeland a nuclear target.
Of course, the problem of South Korea defending itself against a North armed with nuclear weapons would remain. Yet that represents a more general problem of Washington’s tendency to promiscuously hand out nuclear umbrellas as well as conventional guarantees. It isn’t in America’s interest to risk Los Angeles, Honolulu, Seattle, Phoenix, and perhaps a host of other cities to defend Seoul—or, frankly, Tokyo, Taipei, and Canberra.
Which suggests that Pyongyang’s acquisition of a nuclear arsenal is an appropriate time to consider encouraging nations threatened by the North, most obviously the ROK and Japan, to develop countervailing deterrents. Seoul started down the nuclear path a half century ago before being forced to halt by U.S. pressure. Although President Moon Jae-in opposes the idea, a range of officials, politicians, and commentators back a South Korean bomb.
That would force Japanese policymakers and people to consider doing the same to confront growing challenges from the North and People’s Republic of China. The opposition to nuclearization would be stronger in Japan than in the ROK, but Tokyo could no longer rely on Americans performing the most important function of government everywhere, providing for the nation’s security.
More important, if Washington allowed China to share the nightmare created by North Korea’s nuclear developments, Beijing might feel forced to do more to constrain the North’s nuclear ambitions. The possibility of America’s friends going nuclear might energize the Xi government.
In any case, the U.S. would escape the either war or nuclear threat conundrum. There is no reason to believe Kim Jong Un, however brutal, is suicidal. The North seeks to avoid American involvement, not trigger it. Stepping back militarily and allowing prosperous and populous states to take over their own defense surely is better than starting the very war Washington has spent 64 years attempting to prevent. And it would seem to be a lot better than risking nuclear strikes on the American homeland if that war nevertheless erupted.
North Korea is the land of second best solutions, it has been said. But war is far worse than second best. And turning the U.S. into a nuclear target is scarcely better. Policymakers should reconsider Washington’s current strategy, which needlessly risks the lives, wealth and security of Americans for the interests of other nations.



Da Vinci's Salvator Mundi

Can YOU spot why this rare da Vinci painting is puzzling experts? Uncharacteristic mistake in greatest artist's $90m depiction of Christ has left art buffs scratching their heads
Da Vinci's Salvator Mundi (Saviour of the World) was painted around 1500
Painting is set to fetch a staggering £75m when it goes under the hammer
But art buffs have pointed out a 'lapse' in the artist's depiction of a glass orb
The transparent object appears totally see-though and light is not distorted

By Unity Blott For Mailonline
Published: 07:55 EDT, 19 October 2017 | Updated: 12:08 EDT, 19 October 2017

The last Leonardo da Vinci painting in private hands is expected to fetch a staggering £75million at auction - despite experts scratching their heads over one crucial 'error'.

The Italian master painted Salvator Mundi (Saviour of the World) around 1500, the same period in which he created his masterpiece the Mona Lisa, and was sold for just £45 60 years ago.

It depicts Christ in Renaissance clothing holding a glass orb, but art buffs have pointed out that the object appears completely see-through, when in reality the light passing through it should appear distorted.

The painting’s authorship had been forgotten, and part of the depiction of Christ had been overpainted.
Sotheby’s sold the painting, unaware of its true provenance, in 1958 for just £45.
An American businessman bought it 12 years ago at a small U.S. auction house for less £7,500, and began to research its history.
In 2011 the work was confirmed as a genuine Leonardo and unveiled publicly - making it the first discovery of a painting by Da Vinci since 1909.




黒い「平成の忍者」窃盗容疑で逮捕 「参りました」



2017.10.19 19:36更新
橋本力さん死去 元プロ野球選手の俳優、ブルース・リーと共演、大魔神のスーツアクターも





Bob and Harvey@ユダヤクザ

ウクライナでLEXUSに乗ったお嬢様@ユダヤクザが暴走テロ 6人死亡

主脚折れ燃料に引火 F4戦闘機が炎上、百里基地

主脚折れ燃料に引火 F4戦闘機が炎上、百里基地
2017.10.18 19:18